Friday, August 31, 2012

Transition Style

What do you wear at the end of summer and the beginning of fall? White pants and shoes are a definite no-no, of course, but there are so many other “too summery” looking items that just seem out of place once the months have changed. Who hasn’t been caught with the fall-ish outfit that turns out to be way too warm for those hot September days? I have been caught in that situation too many times and decided this year to make an effort to look seasonal and to also be comfortable. Here are some of my solutions to the summer-fall transition dilemma:

I have gone with combinations mostly, mixing and matching summer and fall clothes. I always love boot season and break those out as soon as I can, pairing them with shorts or short skirts. It has been a little too hot here in Maine (mid to high 70s) to wear all Fall attire so I take a few fall pieces, booties or scarves and match them with something from my summer wardrobe. I also wear scarves with short sleeve shirts and high heel sandals . Pretty soon it will be too cold to wear my strappy heels here so I try and wear them as much as possible during the fading summer days. The strappy heels shown here are from a Buckle store in Texas.. Here is a link to their website: Buckle

The boots I am wearing in this photo are vintage, belonging to my Mother. They may no longer be available, but a company that has been around forever carrying cute boots is Frye. You can always find a Frye boot to fit any occasion. Here is a link to their website: FRYE . If you are from Maine, like I am, Bliss in the Portland Old Port carries this brand: Bliss