Farmer Chyk

My full time job: Sales manager for Cajo, Inc.

Cajo, Inc description: Maine based agriculture supplier, it is the main supplier for SE Raelin.  SE Raelin- Located in Kyiv Ukraine.

SE Raelin: SE Raelin has been successfully working in the agricultural market since 1994 and has become one of the leading progressive enterprises in Ukraine. Our business involves different branches, the basic ones being wholesale trade of sorghum, blueberry plants, actinidia (kiwi), agricultural machinery and parts, adjuvants for crop protection, and Inoculums for soy beans. We also do agricultural consulting and are involved in introducing and developing new, intensive technologies in agriculture. Every year our partnerships expand and evolve. It is not easy work in agricultural in Ukraine, but it is rewarding to have a positive effect and increase productivity and profitability for Ukrainian farms.

  • Sorghum hybrid seeds
  • Farming plant Equipment
  • Products-partners (adjuvants)
  • Foam concentrate
  • Surfactant Cide Cick II TM
  • Cotton seeds
  • Peanut seeds
  • Blueberry plants
  • Actinidia plants
Work closely with: